The "Seeking Jerusalem" Series

Discovering the Power of Spiritual Unity

Seeking Jerusalem

Discovering the Power of Spiritual Unity

A five-book series (and an optional bundle) coming soon to Amazon. For sale on this website as a PDF.

The New Jerusalem is not just a reality in the new heaven and earth after the return of Christ. We are the "New Jerusalem" as a community of believers. Learning how to live and work together in the Spirit will bring the anointing of God to our lives and witness.

From your own personal Transfiguration through Radical Discipleship as you walk the Way of the Cross to the Anointing on the Road to Jerusalem, discover the power of Spiritual Unity in every area of your life.

Book 1: My Transfiguration

Are you looking forward to the day of your transfiguration? Say, what? Yes, your transfiguration. The day that your glory will be revealed.

The disciples saw a glimpse of Christ’s eternal glory that day on the mountain but they would see plainly on a dark afternoon on a hillside outside of Jerusalem his true glory.

Book 2: Radical Discipleship

Discipleship is a strange word. It either makes us think of a cult follower or a mindless celebrity groupie. I think Satan works hard to take these key ideas away from us and corrupt them with modern culture.

At the very least, we know that a disciple is not merely a fan (which is all the rage right now) but rather someone who is committed to following in the footsteps of someone else. A mentor. A guru. A teacher. But Jesus had some strange things to say about it.

Book 3: The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross is not for the faint of heart. Those who meditate on the stations of the cross are left in no doubt that Jesus was almost done in by the cruelty of the Roman soldiers.

But it wasn’t the physical torture that pained him to his soul and robbed him of his strength. No, it was the knowledge that he had become sin and that the wrath of his Father was being poured out upon him throughout this whole ordeal. That was the black shroud upon his soul.

Book 4: The Anointing

The Way of the Cross is the heart of our discipleship and the ministry of reconciliation is the purpose of the church. Each step is a dangerous one but vital to our transformation and testimony.

But God has not left us without resources. In fact, to follow the Way of the Cross is not only to live dangerously but also gloriously. After all, it can’t be done except in the power of the Spirit and with the direct intervention and help of God. And he will.

Book 5: The Road to Jerusalem

The Psalms often talk about “going up to Jerusalem” to worship God. Jerusalem was not just the capital city and people were not merely patriotic. It was something more.

They talk about its walls and the light of the setting sun and walking over the rise near Bethany to get that first sighting of those holy towers protecting the chosen city.

And that’s the point the Psalmist is making. “God is there.” The temple is there and God is in the Holy of Holies.

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