The "Roman Road" Series

Discovering the Power of Relational Evangelism

The Roman Road

Discovering the Power of Relational Evangelism

A five-book series (and an optional bundle) coming soon to Amazon. For sale on this website as a PDF.

Walking the Roman Road of Salvation is based on the Book of Romans and gives us an evangelistic view of the key concepts of the Gospel. It isn't enough to quote scripture to potential new believers. It's time to dig deep and build relationships and help our friends understand the heart of God.

From your own personal walk with God as you start to crawl, learn to walk, fall down because of sin and finally find the path, you will discover how to talk in real, daily language the truths that can transform their lives. That is the power of relational evangelism.

Book 1: Starting to Crawl

They say that humans learn more and accomplish more in the first seven years of life than all the rest of their years combined. They learn to eat by themselves. They learn to sit, then stand, and then walk, run, skip, and jump. They learn a language (or two or three).

They learn to read and write.

It boggles the mind what is accomplished in those first years. The Word says not to despise the day of small beginnings. Just because they are baby steps doesn’t mean that they aren’t some of the most important steps you can ever take.

Book 2: Learning to Walk

Sin is a dirty word for most people. It is a word full of guilt and shame and who needs any more of that in their lives? What we often forget is that sin is a dirty word for God as well. That’s not the problem. The problem is that we are arrogant enough to pretend that it doesn’t exist, that we can justify it away, that we can ignore it. Not so.

There is a reason why God is angry with this world and with you and me. Until we come to grips with the concept of sin and understand God’s perspective on it, we won’t get anything that Paul is saying.

Book 3: Falling Down

Once we have gathered the courage to look at the face of evil and realize that we are looking in the mirror, we are ready for some more bad news.

Ok, you weren’t expecting that, were you?

The thing is that Christianity is a very dangerous idea. If it is true, we are all in a lot of trouble. This can trip us up if we aren’t careful.

Walking in the truth of the existence of sin and evil and recognizing that it has to do with our broken relationship with God, is going to get a lot of pushback from other people (as well as our own hearts). It is not an easy truth to maintain.

Book 4: Finding the Path

Now we can talk about the good news. Without an appreciation of the bad news, the good news has no meaning. And the bad news is truly bad. Beyond bad. Eternally bad. This is the perspective of heaven and we would be wise to heed the warnings.

Christianity may be dangerous but it is also glorious. We know in our hearts that it must be true. It must be true that love will win the day. It must be true that I was meant to live forever. It must be true that people are incredibly valuable to God so much so that he, himself, suffered a horrible death to set us free.

Book 5: Walking in the Truth

Now we get to the good stuff. After all, if it is true that we are now friends with God and that we have the Holy Spirit within as a guarantee of our salvation, well, life is bound to get very interesting indeed. And it will.

We have become new creatures. Some naysayers would say that we have been deceived but we think not. We can feel the difference. We have faith, hope and love and it is producing joy and peace. Yes, we need to keep working on it, but it is already there.

And now that we have a new identity in Christ, now that we are truly human, reconnected with our Father, we also have a new purpose and a new significance.

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