Bert Amsing is a Canadian living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His wife, Vero, is an Argentine and all of his kids have dual citizenship with Argentina and Canada.

He was trained as a Pastor in the Christian Reformed Church at Calvin Theological Seminary and was a practicing Pastor for several years in Alberta, Canada.

Bert A. Amsing is a Reformed Keswickean in the Charismatic tradition.
He is Contemporary in his worship, neo-Puritan in his morality, and contemplative-charismatic in his overall relational spirituality.

He holds a Christian worldview, a broadly evangelical theology on key biblical and theological issues but with a reformed approach and hermeneutic of Scripture (re: inerrancy and exegesis) balanced by a broadly Charismatic (and renewal-based) view of spirituality and sanctification.

Within evangelical circles, he tries to be inclusive in relation to theology and doctrine by recognizing and respecting the basic compatibility and emphasis of multiple approaches (the most polarizing of which is the Arminian-Reformed debate).

Outside of evangelical circles, he is firmly exclusive with respect to salvation and theology and maintains the centrality, necessity, and value of the cross, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and the authority and inerrancy of the Word of God.

In essentials, unity.
In non-essentials, grace.
In all things, charity.

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He is always open to discussing the mysteries and the glory of salvation and the ministry it calls us to.

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